Is this what losing weight feels like?

I have heard that you feel bad while losing weight.  Leigh Peele says that fat loss is actually not good for your body, the process anyway.  Being in a constant deficit puts a strain on your system.  I don’t know if that is what I am experiencing or if I am just coming down with something.  Since I started my deficit, I have had acne, sinus issues, and now I feel tired and irritable.

I rocked out in Spin last night, but immediately after, I felt nauseous.  Tonight, I teach Body Pump, so we’ll see how I feel after that.  If I am sick, I will know tomorrow.  Body Pump takes so much out of me that sickness will definitely show up if its there.

Good news is I haven’t been hungry, so I have been able to stick to my calorie allowance for the day.  🙂  Silver lining.

2 Responses to “Is this what losing weight feels like?”

  1. joceycakes Says:

    I think you may be getting sick, wait a few days then assess. If you have more problems perhaps see a doctor/dietitian and see what you can figure out that works for you! Haver a great day and stay positive!

  2. missmolly72 Says:

    I’ve been tired and irritable too, but for me I think it’s because I started this journey on the wrong week of the month, plus when my blood-sugar drops I get extremely cranky. Try to keep something in your system every couple of hours, whether it is string cheese or some pistachios (those have been a life-saver for me this week). Take Jocelyn’s advice and wait a few days to see if it is improving, and take care of yourself!!! We can do this!

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