Last night I was able to go to sleep at a decent hour and didn’t wake up until this morning.   Part of it was I ate a little later, and a little more….so I wasn’t hungry when I went to bed.  However, I can’t do that everyday and still lose weight, so I have to figure something else out.  I went over my calories by about 300….yikes!  Tonight I teach Body Pump and Spinning, tomorrow I am resting.  I hope to catch up on more sleep this weekend.  Thanks to all my blog readers for all the positive comments!


Exhausted but can’t sleep…day 2.

I know this usually means I have over exerted myself.  I am totally exhausted, but I can’t get myself to fall asleep.  I had the same problem last night.  I am also hungry, but I just ate a little yogurt, so hopefully that will help.  I was hoping last night was due to too much sleep over the weekend, but now I think it was pushing myself too hard at the gym.  Now, tonight same thing.  I felt really tired after work, but went to the gym anyway and felt awesome!!!  Then, came home, ate, showered, tried to settle down and go to sleep about 9 p.m.  Its now 11 p.m., and I am blogging.  Tomorrow I teach Spinning, so I can’t take a day off from working out.  Thursday is BP and spinning.  Friday may be my first chance to take a day off.  I am going to listen to Leigh Peele’s podcast….maybe she can put me to sleep.  Not because she is boring, mind you!!!  She has a calming voice.  (Leigh, I hope you are reading this.)

Seriously, if you haven’t heard of Leigh Peele, look her up.  I think she is the smartest fitness person in the business today.  See her in my blogroll.

Okay, going back to bed to try to fall asleep.  I hope the rest of you are having sweet dreams!!!

The other goals…

All day I have been thinking of other things I want to accomplish this year.  I have seen other people do “40 by 40” lists, including 40 goals they want to accomplish by age 40.  Since I only have a year, I am not going to attempt 40 different goals (just 40 lbs).  But, there are other things I want to do, so here is the short list…

  1. lose 40 lbs (you already knew that one)
  2. save enough money to take a birthday cruise with my girlfriends
  3. become a Zumba instructor
  4. do pushups on my toes
  5. finish a half marathon in under 3 hours
  6. paint my bathroom
  7. walk my dog at least 10 min. everyday

Now you may chuckle at number 6, but I have lived in this house for almost 2 years, and I have said I was going to paint the bathroom when I moved in.  Why 7?  That is just what it came to.  I may add more if I think of some….but these are the big ones.  My dog needs to lose about 10 lbs, so the last one is for him as well as me.  My ultimate goal is to take him for a 30 min run, but I know that is unlikely to happen daily, so we will shoot for the 10 min walk right now.

So, here are my goals.  Now that I have them in writing, they are real and not just in my head.  That is the first step to making them happen!

Glorious day in the neighborhood.

Today is sunny and beautiful…almost like spring!  Its 46 degrees, so I can’t say its warm…but warmer than last week!

I have today off, and had planned to lounge around the house, but ended up teaching Body Pump for a friend who had sick kids.  I can say that I did NOT want to do it, but I am so glad I did!  I feel much more alive than I have the past few days.  After my funk last week, I ran outside on Saturday, but paid for it yesterday by staying in bed all day.  I was so sleepy, I felt like I was on drugs or something.  But, today Body Pump got me out of my funk, and now I am ready to tackle the house and take the dog for a run.

This weekend was a bust as far as eating goes.  I know I was way over my calories both Saturday and Sunday.  However, no crying over spilt beer….so I am back on track today and hope to make up for the overture by working out more.  Today I have BP and running, tomorrow I have Zumba and BP again.  Wednesday Spinning, Thursday BP.  That is the most working out I have done in a while.

This weekend, no drinking or over eating.  When I drink, I over eat or make bad choices….so I will cut out the drinking and that should help.  Besides, alcohol has 7 calories per gram…..more than carbs or protein, almost as much as fat.  Plus, your body has to burn the alcohol first, so it disrupts the fat burn.

Enjoy this wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!!

Feeling better

weight 184.6 lbs


I am feeling better today, thanks to a lot of sleep.  I think I was fighting off something.  My sinuses are acting up, so that was probably the cause.  Today I am going outside to run….its finally warmed up here.  I weighed yesterday and am down another 1.4 lbs.  I also put the jeans back on….still not a pretty sight to see.  I think those jeans are better than any scale.  There is something about putting on clothes that used to fit you that is  eye opening.  The scale is just a number, abstract.  Clothes are real, concrete, and have memories attached.  On the upside, I can get them almost all the way up, and walk around in them.  I just can’t fasten them.

Is this what losing weight feels like?

I have heard that you feel bad while losing weight.  Leigh Peele says that fat loss is actually not good for your body, the process anyway.  Being in a constant deficit puts a strain on your system.  I don’t know if that is what I am experiencing or if I am just coming down with something.  Since I started my deficit, I have had acne, sinus issues, and now I feel tired and irritable.

I rocked out in Spin last night, but immediately after, I felt nauseous.  Tonight, I teach Body Pump, so we’ll see how I feel after that.  If I am sick, I will know tomorrow.  Body Pump takes so much out of me that sickness will definitely show up if its there.

Good news is I haven’t been hungry, so I have been able to stick to my calorie allowance for the day.  🙂  Silver lining.


Today I am very tired.  It hit me all at once, after lunch.  All of the sudden, I felt like I hit the wall, like I could have laid down under the conference table at work and just gone to sleep.  I tried breathing in some cold air to wake up, but still feel tired.  Now I have to go teach a spin class.  I usually love teaching spin, but don’t feel I have the energy for it.  However, it is too late to call a sub, so off to the gym I go.  Maybe spinning will give me energy, instead of making me more tired.