I knew I wasn’t crazy….

I know I talk a lot about Leigh Peele.  I am reading her book The Fatloss Troubleshoot and I listen to her podcasts.  I had never heard of her before….but one day I was on SparkPeople and saw a blog post about a guy named Tom Venuto.  I started doing some research and found out he had written a new book called The Body Fat Solution.  So, I bought it, and loved it!  In searching for Podcasts, I came across 2 with interviews with Tom.  One was the Fitcast, and one was Fat2Fit Radio.  I subscribed to them and also love them.  I like listening to podcasts when I drive and walk my dog.  iPods are wonderful things!

So, back to my long story.  I started listening to the Fitcast, and one of the regulars was a chick named Leigh Peele.  I started really liking what she had to say, so I decided to get her podcast….Ask Leigh.  In it, she talks extensively about her books, ebooks to be exact.  I haven’t purchased an ebook before…all PDF files.  But, this December, I took the plunge and got The Fatloss Troubleshoot….and it is what I am using to get rid of these 40 lbs of fat.

Leigh has another podcast, called “The Fatloss Troubleshooter Speaks” on Itunes.  It is an older podcast that she no longer updates, but has GREAT information.  Today I heard her say that one of the first things that happens to your body when you are in a deficit is that you get insomnia.  That happened to me!!!  It has gotten better, but it makes me feel like what I am doing is working if I am having the expected side effects.  So I guess I can say I am happy to have insomnia…..as long as it doesn’t come back….and as long as I am still losing fat.

Whew, that was a long post.  Check out Leigh’s website in my blogroll, and also check out her podcasts for FREE on Itunes.  She has a lot of good information.


Water water

So I weighed in today and have lost 3 lbs in one week.  Realistically, I know that is mostly water.  In reading my new fat loss bible…I realize that I have been retaining water and chronically dehydrated.  So, this week I started drinking more water, and consequently using the bathroom A LOT!  Apparently it has paid off!  I have also been watching my calories and tracking with Sparkpeople.  It helped that I was off work for 2 days last week, so I could really focus on eating right, with very few temptations.  Today, its back to work and lunches out.  Let’s hope my headstart will help me stay on track.

I will not be posting a picture every week.  I will post the jeans picture every 2 weeks, but will post weight weekly.  Todays weight, 186 lbs.

Posting my Fat Picture

Not just another New Years Resolution!!!!

Starting point, ground zero

Hello, and welcome to my first blog for 40by40!  I am not totally new to the blogging thing, but this is my first jump into a public blog for all the world to see.  What better way to get some accountability and some humor into my life!!!  Like many of you, I have set a goal for this year to lose weight.  Not just any goal, though.  I will turn 40 this time next year, 2011….and I want to lose 40 lbs by the time I turn 40.  That is 3.3 lbs per month, which is attainable, yet challenging for me.  A little about me….

Without revealing ALL the details, I am a 39-year-old female who has struggled with my weight most of my life.  I was never what you would call fat or obese as a child, but I have always carried extra weight.  I have never been “little, tiny, and cute”…at least not since the age of 5.  As I hit my 30s, I started carrying even more extra baggage, about 60 lbs extra.  In the past year and a half, I have made some progress, dropping about 20 lbs.  However, I figure this is the year to make it the rest of the way.  I am not getting any younger, and the numbers seem to match up….so 40by40 was born!!!

The ultimate accountability is posting your fat picture for all to see.  I  posted a picture of me in my goal jeans.  I bought these jeans a few years back, when I was doing the “low carb” thing….and was at my skinniest for my 30s.  They are the low rider type, size 14.  I know that still sounds big….but they are really probably a 12.  Right now, I wear between a 14 and 16, depending on brand.  My goal is to make these jeans too big for me!!!

I plan to use this blog to document my progress, and to bring some humor to the situation that I know is not going to be funny most of the time.  I started back on “the wagon” this week, and I am already hungry.  I get cranky when I’m hungry, so watch out!