Water water

So I weighed in today and have lost 3 lbs in one week.  Realistically, I know that is mostly water.  In reading my new fat loss bible…I realize that I have been retaining water and chronically dehydrated.  So, this week I started drinking more water, and consequently using the bathroom A LOT!  Apparently it has paid off!  I have also been watching my calories and tracking with Sparkpeople.  It helped that I was off work for 2 days last week, so I could really focus on eating right, with very few temptations.  Today, its back to work and lunches out.  Let’s hope my headstart will help me stay on track.

I will not be posting a picture every week.  I will post the jeans picture every 2 weeks, but will post weight weekly.  Todays weight, 186 lbs.