Glorious day in the neighborhood.

Today is sunny and beautiful…almost like spring!  Its 46 degrees, so I can’t say its warm…but warmer than last week!

I have today off, and had planned to lounge around the house, but ended up teaching Body Pump for a friend who had sick kids.  I can say that I did NOT want to do it, but I am so glad I did!  I feel much more alive than I have the past few days.  After my funk last week, I ran outside on Saturday, but paid for it yesterday by staying in bed all day.  I was so sleepy, I felt like I was on drugs or something.  But, today Body Pump got me out of my funk, and now I am ready to tackle the house and take the dog for a run.

This weekend was a bust as far as eating goes.  I know I was way over my calories both Saturday and Sunday.  However, no crying over spilt beer….so I am back on track today and hope to make up for the overture by working out more.  Today I have BP and running, tomorrow I have Zumba and BP again.  Wednesday Spinning, Thursday BP.  That is the most working out I have done in a while.

This weekend, no drinking or over eating.  When I drink, I over eat or make bad choices….so I will cut out the drinking and that should help.  Besides, alcohol has 7 calories per gram…..more than carbs or protein, almost as much as fat.  Plus, your body has to burn the alcohol first, so it disrupts the fat burn.

Enjoy this wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!!