I knew I wasn’t crazy….

I know I talk a lot about Leigh Peele.  I am reading her book The Fatloss Troubleshoot and I listen to her podcasts.  I had never heard of her before….but one day I was on SparkPeople and saw a blog post about a guy named Tom Venuto.  I started doing some research and found out he had written a new book called The Body Fat Solution.  So, I bought it, and loved it!  In searching for Podcasts, I came across 2 with interviews with Tom.  One was the Fitcast, and one was Fat2Fit Radio.  I subscribed to them and also love them.  I like listening to podcasts when I drive and walk my dog.  iPods are wonderful things!

So, back to my long story.  I started listening to the Fitcast, and one of the regulars was a chick named Leigh Peele.  I started really liking what she had to say, so I decided to get her podcast….Ask Leigh.  In it, she talks extensively about her books, ebooks to be exact.  I haven’t purchased an ebook before…all PDF files.  But, this December, I took the plunge and got The Fatloss Troubleshoot….and it is what I am using to get rid of these 40 lbs of fat.

Leigh has another podcast, called “The Fatloss Troubleshooter Speaks” on Itunes.  It is an older podcast that she no longer updates, but has GREAT information.  Today I heard her say that one of the first things that happens to your body when you are in a deficit is that you get insomnia.  That happened to me!!!  It has gotten better, but it makes me feel like what I am doing is working if I am having the expected side effects.  So I guess I can say I am happy to have insomnia…..as long as it doesn’t come back….and as long as I am still losing fat.

Whew, that was a long post.  Check out Leigh’s website in my blogroll, and also check out her podcasts for FREE on Itunes.  She has a lot of good information.


Exhausted but can’t sleep…day 2.

I know this usually means I have over exerted myself.  I am totally exhausted, but I can’t get myself to fall asleep.  I had the same problem last night.  I am also hungry, but I just ate a little yogurt, so hopefully that will help.  I was hoping last night was due to too much sleep over the weekend, but now I think it was pushing myself too hard at the gym.  Now, tonight same thing.  I felt really tired after work, but went to the gym anyway and felt awesome!!!  Then, came home, ate, showered, tried to settle down and go to sleep about 9 p.m.  Its now 11 p.m., and I am blogging.  Tomorrow I teach Spinning, so I can’t take a day off from working out.  Thursday is BP and spinning.  Friday may be my first chance to take a day off.  I am going to listen to Leigh Peele’s podcast….maybe she can put me to sleep.  Not because she is boring, mind you!!!  She has a calming voice.  (Leigh, I hope you are reading this.)

Seriously, if you haven’t heard of Leigh Peele, look her up.  I think she is the smartest fitness person in the business today.  See her in my blogroll.

Okay, going back to bed to try to fall asleep.  I hope the rest of you are having sweet dreams!!!

Is this what losing weight feels like?

I have heard that you feel bad while losing weight.  Leigh Peele says that fat loss is actually not good for your body, the process anyway.  Being in a constant deficit puts a strain on your system.  I don’t know if that is what I am experiencing or if I am just coming down with something.  Since I started my deficit, I have had acne, sinus issues, and now I feel tired and irritable.

I rocked out in Spin last night, but immediately after, I felt nauseous.  Tonight, I teach Body Pump, so we’ll see how I feel after that.  If I am sick, I will know tomorrow.  Body Pump takes so much out of me that sickness will definitely show up if its there.

Good news is I haven’t been hungry, so I have been able to stick to my calorie allowance for the day.  🙂  Silver lining.